Round About the Rose and Crown

Rose and Crown

The Circus Came to Stay

When a wagon in a circus going by road from New Brighton to Lincoln got out of control on the way down the hill into Allgreave, the Rose and Crown played host to the members of the circus for the night while the damaged wagon was repaired.

Putting up the Pressmen

When a dog, by the name of Mandy, was trapped down a hole in the neighbourhood some years ago, the rescue hit the headlines. Newspapermen gathered from all over the country to cover the story, and many of them made the Rose and Crown their base during the week-long rescue operation.

The Nag Knew the Way Home

Noah Holland, who kept the Rose and Crown at the beginning of the last century, used to travel the countryside riding a small pony alongside a stallion which served the mares in the district. He was often to be seen going home asleep on his pony after a long days journey and refreshment.

Legal Tender?

An old pub in the area, which has now disappeared, was known locally as the "Peg Inn". It had only a six day license, so on Sunday the local residents could obtain a drink in exchange for a clothes peg, subsequently redeemed for hard cash during "permitted hours".

Catering for the Carriage Trade

Time was when old Allgreave echoed to the noises of the blacksmiths trade, as the village smithy coped with the running repairs of the travellers of the day. The former smithy is now part of the restaurant at the Rose and Crown.

The Stone Age ... and after

Neolithic remains, gold rings, chains, and brooches are among the relics of previous human occupation which the land around Allgreave has yielded. Many of the place names in the region betray their Saxon origin.

Where the Wild Boars Blew

The origin of the name Wildboarclough, known locally as Wilbor Clough, is lost in the past. Some say this softly wooded valley of Macclesfield Forest was once the home of the wild boar which kings came here to hunt. Others believe the name commemorates the Wild Bores, the gathering winds which rushed up the narrowing valley.